We’re Sending Out an S.O.S…

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Your Year-End Contributions Can Help Us
Cross the Finish Line!

Dear Friends and Allies –

Thanks to the continuing support of funders both small and large the EON feature documentary The San Onofre Syndrome – in production since 2011 – is now in its final stages of completion, heading for release early in 2023.

Our film now has original music composed by Chris Hedge of the Magic Shop and animation by the Bureau’s Keke Robinson and Andres Gomez.

Now comes the final hurdle: raising the funds to pay for rights to archival footage use and for final color correction and mastering.

Our film – S.O.S. for short – tells a dramatic and informative local story with relevance to nuclear power reactor communities across the country about the power of informed citizen action and the challenge of long-term storage of radioactive waste stranded at the nation’s 85 nuclear plant sites (both decommissioned and operating).  It documents both the existing risks and the best available approach to responsible radioactive waste management.

S.O.S. focuses on events at Southern California Edison’s recently shuttered San Onofre nuclear power plant where 3.55 million pounds of spent fuel from the plant’s decades of operation are stored in thin-walled metal canisters on a bluff just yards from the rising sea.

The 54 ton canister in each of these convection air-cooled concrete silos contains roughly the same amount of radiation that was released in the Chernobyl disaster.

San Onofre Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) showing convection Holtec Umax air-cooled canister silos – Stock Photo

These canisters, like over 1,500 more at other reactor sites around the country, are subject to corrosion, cracking in less than twenty years and the potential release of their radiation.

Eroding Bluffs and Eroding Confidence

Recent developments have underlined the urgency of our film’s message.

San Onofre’s seaside radioactive waste storage facility sits in an area between the coastal rail line and the beach that’s threatened with inundation by bluff collapse, mudslides, flooding, sea rise and tsunami.

Graphic: Southern California Edison

The Orange County Register reports that the local coastal bluffs are alarmingly  subsiding more rapidly each year. This time-lapse animation shows the local eroding coastline:

Google Earth via the Orange County Register

Here’s an EON animation of what might happen if (& when) one of San Onofre’s Holtec Umax convection air-cooled canister systems – containing radioactively and thermally hot fuel rods – is flooded by mudslides, sea rise or tsunami debris and sand, stopping the cooling airflow with debris, leading to overheating and potential explosion.

Please make a tax-deductible contribution of any amount to help us complete our documentary and get the word out.  Visit our

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Please check out the SOS official website to view the Trailer and related information and news items.

In Solidarity,
The EON S.O.S. Team

Executive Producer/Co-Director – Mary Beth Brangan
Co-Director/Editor – Morgan Peterson
Co-Director – James Heddle