Conference Videos

On this page we’ll post video reports from the January 2015 SLO Conference as they’re available from various filmmakers. From the Labor Video Project: Report From Fukushima And The Abe Government Expansion And Export Of Nuclear Plants Reports were made on the continuing contamination in Fukushima Japan and the role of the Abe government. Chieko Shiina from Fukushima and a supporter of the Fukushima Collaborative Clinic, Isamu “Sam” Kanno of No Nukes Asia and Chizu Hamada of No Nukes Action spoke at the meeting. The presentations were translated by Carole Hisasue from Mothers For Peace. This conference took place in San Luis Obispo near the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. It was called by the Nuclear Free California Network. and was held on January 24 & 25th, 2015 For more information On Fukushima Collaborative Clinic No Nukes Action Committee No Nukes Asia Production of Labor Video Project