Diablo History

Rachel Maddow Does Diablo History in 4 Minutes Rachel Maddow – with the appropriate level of consternation – exposes the economics and safety record of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in California. March 22, 2011. The devil is indeed in the details…and she doesn't even mention the tons of radioactive waste being stored on-site for the foreseeable future.


As many long-time NoNukers will remember, the Abalone Alliance, founded in in May of 1977, was at the center of resistance to Diablo right from the start, advocating for clean energy, democracy and non-violent resistance. It organized the famous and historic Diablo Blockade documented in David L. Browns 1986 documentary A Question of Power. You can view a preview excerpt featuring Linda Seeley and her then teen-age daughter here. Abalone's dedicated Archivist, Roger Herried, has performed an important service to the movement by chronicaling much of Diablo history as part of his extensive Energy-Net.org website, the Diablo Canyon Timeline page. As history comes full circle and we work to shut down California's 'last nuke standing,' its important to draw inspiration and courage from these historic organizing successes. Nixon planned many nuclear power plants up and down the California coast. They were all stopped or closed down by organized popular opposition – Humboldt Bay, Bodega Head, Rancho Secco, San Onofre. Let's remember and celebrate the Nuclear Free California movement's many successes! Just one more to go! Tomorrow California. Soon, a post-nuclear power West Coast…. Here are links to some of the key chapters in the Diablo Timeline: The Abalone Alliance Story 40 Year History of Opposition to Nuclear Power in California Diablo Canyon Timeline Part I 1963-1981 Diablo Canyon Timeline Part II The Mothers for Peace history goes back even further… Mothers for Peace Timeline – 1969-present The history of Diablo Canyon began in 1963. Mothers for Peace formed as an anti-Vietnam war group in 1969. In 1973, Mothers for Peace committed to using the legal system to oppose Diablo Canyon, and by extension all nuclear facilities. On the Mothers' Press Archives page you will find: The following are images from newspaper articles and cartoons. Click on the image to enlarge. And here's the PDF of the Mothers for Peace slide show Opposition to Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant since 1973 Anti-Nuclear, Anti-War Politics in the 1970s-80s Historical Essay by Chris Carlsson On D-Day at Diablo Canyon, It Was Jackson Browne If by Land and Robert Blake If by Sea By Salley Rayl – October 05, 1981 [ Please suggest your own Diablo history links and sources. ]