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11707424_692741460831679_1607960029317691211_n Detour map to location: Snyder Detour FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FUKUSHIMA RESPONSE Media Contact: Chizu Hamada 510-495-5952 Taking Nuclear to Court in Japan & Korea On the Dangers of Nuclear Power & Compensation for Cancer (Petaluma 6/11/15) Sonoma County residents are invited to a FREE public event on Friday, July 17, 2015, to learn about current legal efforts in Japan and Korea to hold the nuclear power industry responsible for social and health impacts of the Fukushima Dai-ichi disaster and ongoing operation of other nuclear power plants. “Taking Nuclear to Court in Japan & Korea” starts at 6:30pm at the Cross & Crown Luthern Church, 5475 Snyder Lane in Rohnert Park, California. This important informational presentation is sponsored by FUKUSHIMA RESPONSE, Project Censored, Ecological Options Network and the Sonoma County Peace & Justice Center. Guest speakers from Japan and Korea include: Lee Jin Seop, Choi Seungkoo and Rev. Deasoo Lee. In October of 2014, a South Korean court ruled in favor of a claim by Park Geum-sun, that her thyroid cancer was caused by radiation from six nuclear power plants located 7.7 kilometers from her home. In their determination that radiation from an operating nuclear power plant is directly related to increased incidence of thyroid cancer in nearby communities, these judges have set a critical legal precedent. Husband of the successful plaintiff, Lee Jin Seop will talk about his wife’s case and other lawsuits that have been filed, also seeking to establish judicial accountability for the dangers of nuclear power, and compensation for the cancers it can cause. For instance, Choi Seungkoo is the Secretary General of No Nukes Asia Action (NNAA), a Japanese nonprofit organization that recently filed the Reactor Suppliers Lawsuit to hold companies that profited from Fukushima’s nuclear operations responsible for the continuing nuclear disaster (GE, Hitachi, Toshiba). He has organized this delegation’s visit to the U.S. to inform us, and urge support for his international class action suit, because the ongoing radioactive contamination coming from the still unresolved Fukushima disaster affects not only those in Japan and Korea but all other nations bordering the Pacific Ocean as well. Lee Jin Seop and Choi Seungkoo will be joined and introduced by Rev. Deasoo Lee who has lectured on the dangers of nuclear power at the Shinano-machi Church in Tokyo, which is where the Reactor Suppliers Lawsuit was launched at a press conference in November, 2012. As Mr. Seungkoo explains: “I belong to the protestant church and 30% of the key members of NNAA are Christians. We are a group of citizens wishing to live in a world free from nukes, both weapons and nuclear power. As for today, we have almost 4000 plaintiffs of the lawsuit from Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, the US, Canada, Malaysia, etc.” The public is enthusiastically invited to this exceptional opportunity to meet three Asian visitors who have personally confronted the risks of living near a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) that is either dangerously out of control or even in so-called ‘normal’ operation. Join us for a greater understanding of the potential legal remedies available to concerned citizens as we in California confront the equally unnecesary and unacceptable risks attached to our own NPPs. “Taking Nuclear to Court in Japan & Korea” begins at 6:30pm, Friday July 17, 2015 at the Cross & Crown Luthern Church, 5475 Snyder Lane in Rohnert Park, California. This FREE event is sponsored by: FUKUSHIMA RESPONSE, – Project Censored, – Ecological Options Network, – Sonoma County Peace & Justice Center, For more information & interviews contact: Chizu Hamada 510-495-5952 Link to more on the successful Korean Lawsuit – Link to more on the class action Reactor Suppliers Lawsuit – ================= Fukushima2   Nuclear Power, Health and Safety, Labor and Fight in a Court – International Educational Conference July 18(Saturday) 10:00 – 3:00 PM (Free) ILWU 34 Hall – 801 2nd St. next to AT&T ball park There are hundreds of aging nuclear plants in the US and around the world that are becoming increasingly dangerous. The Fukushima plant in Japan continues to release thousands of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific and a growing epidemic of thyroid cancer of children and people is developing in Japan. At the same time, the Japan’s Abe government is seeking to restart the remaining nuclear plants and also export nuclear plants throughout the world. There are also lawsuits against the manufacturers of nuclear plants and a successful lawsuit against a Korean nuclear plant where a woman got cancer from that plant. The Korean lawsuit’s success is an important step in protecting the communities near nuclear plants not only in Korea but throughout the world. This international education conference will discuss the growing dangers in the nuclear industry, problems facing nuclear whistleblowers and their efforts to protect the workers, public and communities that live around nuclear plants. Speakers include: Lee Ji Seop : Filed a successful lawsuit against the Korean nuclear power plant on behalf of his wife who had thyroid cancer Choi Seung-koo : founder of the law suit against the Japanese and international nuclear reactor makers Rev. Lee, Dae-soo Dr. Robert Gould : President SF-Bay Area Physicians For Social Responsibility Dr. Larry Rose : Former Medical Director of Cal-OSHA Bob Rowen : Nuclear power plant whistleblower, former Humboldt PG&E nuclear plant worker and member of IBEW 1245 Darrell Whitman: Federal OSHA lawyer and investigator of nuclear workers who are health and safety whistleblowers. He was fired on May 5, 2015 by OSHA chief David Michaels for whistleblowing about the collusion of PG&E and other companies with OSHA management officials to protect these companies. Donna Gilmore : Founder, San Onofre Safety Kei Sugaoka : Former GE Nuclear Plant inspector who exposed nuclear safety issues at Fukushima Daiichi and was retaliated against. <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Sponsored by No Nukes Action, United Public Workers For Action