Dissecting Diablo Delusions – Part 1 – Updated

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The Geopolitical and Cosmic Context for the ‘Save Diablo’ PsyOp

Terra-forming Mars.D Mitriy/Wikimedia

By Mary Beth Brangan and James Heddle – EON    –   Cross-posted on Substack

FYSA – For Your Situational Awareness – Why Now? Why Here? What’s What?

Before we look at the local, legislative and ideological issues surrounding the ‘save Diablo’ campaign in little ol’ California, we want to draw attention to the larger context in which this sudden desperate state-level push is occurring.

This is not just a cockamamie idea sprung fully formed from the heads of Gavin Newsom and his presidential campaign exploratory committee consultants.

Newsom and his handlers are just bit players in a much bigger game – the American military-intelligence-complex’s long-promulgated ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ agenda. Read More

The interrelated domains of this well-planned and clearly-articulated agenda include air, sea, earth and space. The hubris level involved is truly gobsmacking, so please endure a mounting attack of cognitive dissonance and hang In there a little longer.

Starting at the terrestrial geopolitical level: Since the early days of the psychological operation called ‘Atoms for Peace,’ nuclear enthusiasts have long denied any co-dependent connection between nuclear weapons and commercial nuclear power.

Suddenly, in the last few years they’ve begun to come out of the denialist closet and switched to citing the long-poo-pooed, joined-at-the-hip, symbiotic connection between commercial and military nuclear technologies.

The arch magus of this multi-pronged nuclear renaissance propaganda push is Dr. Ernest Moniz, a former MIT physicist who functioned as Obama’s Energy Secretary and now heads the Energy Futures Initiative, Inc.

EFI’s 2017 Report titled “The U.S. Nuclear Energy Enterprise: A Key National Security Enabler” made this connection clear. The big worry according the report is that a dwindling educational ‘supply chain’ of trained US civilian nuclear power technicians and a decaying commercial nuclear ‘infrastructure’ will impact America’s nuclear supremacy.

The Report notes with alarm:

The most significant potential impact may be on the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program. Typically, nuclear engineers working on Navy nuclear programs must be U.S. citizens with appropriate security clearances. An educational pipeline that is shrinking, together with an increased proportion of non-U.S. citizens, could pose greater challenges to the Navy nuclear program in the future than it does to the domestic commercial nuclear energy industry. If the prospects for further expansion of the domestic nuclear power are extinguished for the next decade or so, the ramifications for both the educational pipeline as well as the domestic supply chain could be significantly adverse.


The ultimate impact of this could affect the US Full Spectrum Dominance scenario because, as Karl Grossman reports, nukes in space and on the moon and Mars is the next wild frontier.

Grossman reports:

The New Space Race is Going Nuclear” was the title of a recent hour webinar presented by the American Nuclear Society. The U.S. government is pouring money into the development of space nuclear power—for commercial, exploratory and military purposes—as described in the panel discussion featuring five very enthusiastic advocates of using atomic energy in space….

“So, it’s really an exciting time,” said the moderator for the American Nuclear Society, Jeffrey King, a professor of nuclear engineering and director of the Nuclear Science and Engineering Center at the Colorado School of Mines, and also past chair of the society’s Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology Division.

“,,, [W]e have now multiple companies—everything from government to the large contractors, small companies to start-up companies all interested in space nuclear power and different aspects of space nuclear power. It’s truly an exciting renaissance time for the field.”

There you have it, folks. That’s the over-arching context for the current California tempest in the Diablo tea pot.

Oh, and one more thing before we return to ground level.

One of the sub-strategies in the ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ agenda is detailed in the infamous 1996 – and recently updated – U.S. Air Force memo titled, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.” [See also this commentary. ]

Graphic: USAF

Only a fever dreaming conspiracy theorist would be prone to see any possible connection between this ‘theoretical’ Air Force paper about the military applications of weather modification and the current New York Times’ latest climate crisis fear porn piece (hiding behind a pay wall) entitled “The Coming California Megastorm –

A Different ‘Big One’ is Approaching. Climate Change is Hastening It’s Arrival

California As a Weather Warfare Target?

No Way! They couldn’t do that. They wouldn’t do that.

The Gray Lady’s mega-disaster scenario, based on computer models – which, of course, we can all trust – sees California as the main casualty in an impending devastating extreme climate event that would terminally eliminate the state as a leading competitor in the global economy or a bellwether in domestic politics.

The subhead reads: “In California, where earthquakes, droughts and wildfires have shaped life for generations, the threat of another kind of calamity is growing: a superstorm that, because of climate change, could be worse than any in living memory.”

So, if you take the NYT seriously as the Fountainhead of Truthiness, why would you want to extend the operation, in target state California, of the most rickety, embrittled and under-maintained aged nuclear plant in the country, surrounded by earthquake faults, being operated by a discredited utility corporation, the serial felon PG&E?

That’s the over-arching context.

In Part 2 of this series we’ll come back down to ground level.


Mary Beth Brangan and James Heddle co-direct the NGO EON, the Ecological Options Network. The EON feature documentary SOS – The San Onofre Syndrome will be released later this year.

Brangan and Heddle have been reporting on Diablo for over a decade. A page listing links to EON’s series of video reports documenting Diablo’s recent history as it happened can be viewed here.