The Legacy of Noel Marquez – A Good Ancestor – Updated

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       The Legacy of Noel Marquez – A Video Tribute

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Noel Marquez, 67, passed away Dec. 23, 2020. In the brief time we were honored to know him, we were touched, like all who worked with him, by his open heart and deep commitment to environmental justice, democratic rights and our responsibility to future generations.

He was a Good Ancestor in every sense of the words.

Noel Marquez won the New Mexico Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts for his many murals depicting the plight of the state’s indigenous people and his beloved land. Noel was also a dedicated and effective community organizer for nuclear safety and indigenous rights.

He identified himself as a community artist, small-time farmer and most importantly, the father of his beloved daughter Pai.

He is survived by his partner, respiratory therapist Madelene Aguinaldo, and their daughter, Paikea ‘Pai’ Marquez, 14.

As our video shows, Pai has already begun to follow in her father’s activist footsteps.

We offer this short video of two talks by Noel (and one of Pai’s) to honor his persistent effective advocacy, his pride as Pai’s father, and to show a glimpse of his community creativity and his inspiring and masterful mural art.

His opposition to proposed national high level nuclear waste sites in Lea and Eddy counties and Andrews, Texas lives on in these video clips.

The widespread movement he helped create continues its fight to preserve his precious land from the transgenerational threat of radioactive waste.

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